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The Next Chapter

The Hands have the privilege to take a new step in ministry and become a certified Natural Church Development Coach with Latitude Ministries. I joined the team as one of their coaches. What attracted me to Latitude was their vision to equip and empower healthy leaders. 

Over the last 2 years, Latitude Ministries has helped 100's congregations and coached over 6,000 pastors and leaders in North America and multiple Nations all over the world. They have faithfully done this for the past twenty years with impeccable character and success.  It’s everything that I believe in and have done in Las Vegas on a local level, and am now honored and excited to have a team of support.

The Hands On Mission

Most of the focus is on the mission work being done in Liberia.  Also, in April 2022 the Hands will be going to Jamaica and Israel in November 2022 to spread the reach of their mission work. Spending that time training pastors and building up the local church communities there.

The plan beyond that is to also continue their ministry as a state side missionary based in Las Vegas.  Pastor Danny Hand will stay at his post locally as Senior Pastor at Gateway City Church Las Vegas . Accompanied by great leadership, his father Larry Hand and the other wonderful Gateway leadership is still running the race with him.

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