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Pastor lawrence Athony

God's champion on the ground. Leading the community as a pastor, husband, father, and friend with a radical trust and faith in our Heavenly Father.

Our Story

The Church and School started before there was ever a building. This community of believers would meet in fields, houses, and local schools for worship and learning. In the process Pastor Lawrence Athony was gifted a plot of land. He would go there and pray that God would provide. 

At the same time Pastor Danny and Margaret Hand had started taking steps in their mission work, listen to God  and figuring out where they were being guiding to serve. The Hands and Pastor Lawrence met each other in 2018. It has been a slow and organic process that has grown beyond expectations. Pastor Lawrence made connections with local builders and organizations to make sure that funds supporting the church and school go directly to the builders, food, paying teachers, and supplies for the kids.

There is now the building where The House of Destiny Church and The Hands on Mission Christian Academy meet. Thanks to provided support there are over 100 children being taught and fed and the community has a place to gather and worship.

Below is a picture story of our progression and where we stand today with the church and school.

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